The customer, a wholesale flowers supplier Dicentra, contacted us for the second time.
Dicentra has a huge warehouse and there it was necessary to create a retail space. The
main point in the terms of reference was the construction of two refrigerators in one room.

The first is a fridge showcase with cut flowers for retail. The second is closed for cut and
potted plants wholesale. Also in the hall there should have been a reception for managers, a
workplace for florists, utility rooms with a kitchen, and a shared toilet for guests and staff.

A Soviet-era building similar to a hangar – 300 meters of open space without partitions.
Previously, it was a workshop on the left bank of Kiev. The budget is limited, the area is
huge, the deadlines are tight, and customer’s trust is complete. The conditions are
challenging, so we had to look for non-standard solutions.


Location: Kiev
Type: Commercial
Area: 300 sq m
Year: 2019
Design: Rina Lovko
Photo: Alexey Yanchenkov