Gorodskaya Parikmakherskaya
City Hair Salon

This hair salon is a result of collaboration between designer Rina Lovko and managers of Gorodskaya Parikmakherskaya - due to small space of the salon, its design had to be really thought through to become a comfortable space for hairdressers and their guests.

Gorodskaya is located in the historical part of Kiev. The idea was to create a place for everyone to feel comfortable in and to just get their good haircut. It does not have any gender attributes, both male and female masters work here.
42 sq.m hall is nominally divided into two zones, but visitors can sit wherever they like - regardless of their gender. Interestingly, some furniture pieces are: restored soviet armchairs, found in old hairdressing salons in Kiev, some chairs of the late 70s, found in former soviet laundry. Those were passed to a friend from his grandfather. There’s also a restored old chemist's cabinet from the hospital - now it is used for cosmetics.
All these artifacts were used not to recreate Soviet atmosphere in any way, but rather to show how modern these pieces of furniture can look - their form is beautiful even today.
Geometric shapes on the walls of salon are also present in its brand identity. Shiny concrete floor, inherited from the previous establishment, was covered with a special polymer laquer.
Curtains are made from metallized fabric - they serve as a way of securing part of the hall from the views of other guests during some hair procedures.
There is no reception desk - it is replaced by a round table, where guests can also sit and look through some fashion and design magazines or drink a glass of wine.
Both design of the place and staff attitude are about this: getting away from current trend of putting emphasis on “strictly men” barbershops with no women served or over-decorated female salons where any men feels himself odd and making a cozy place without too much male/female design to relax and get a haircut.

Gorodskaya Parikmakherskaya

Location: Kiev
Type: Public
Area: 42 sq m
Year: 2017
Architect: Rina Lovko
Photo: Alexey Yanchenkov