We were assigned a non-standard task – to create a new space for a teenager from the existing children's room leaving all the constructive and finishing materials from the previous project: doors, floor, windows.
We began with the development of a planning solution, describing the tasks of the room and the necessary functionality.
Lago bed creates a feeling of floating in the air, because It does not have thick legs and allows light to penetrate the room without limiting the space to dark corners and shadows.
Having built a large window-sill near the bed, we added a horizontal plane on which the pet of the room's owner, Labrador Larry, can sleep.
We placed the working area in the niche of the room, creating a matte luminous ceiling above it with a good diffused light for the future architect to study during the day and in the evening.
The Lago cabinet continues the learning area. Its peculiarity is in a light hanging structure without doors; this allows storing seasonal clothes without cluttering the space with heavy forms.
Vitra's Jean Prouve chair is the main focus of the room, it can move and be at the same time a chair for reading and contemplating the landscape outside the window over the garden and the river, as well as being a chair for a guest or tutor.

Larry’s room

Location: Konchа-Zaspa
Type: Residential
Area: 35 sq m
Year: 2017
Architect: Rina Lovko
Photo: Alexey Yanchenkov
Stylist: Nastya Lesnaya