the COAT
Team: Rina Lovko, Daryna Shpuryk
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Total area: 130 m2
Implementation: 2022
Photo by Yevhenii Avramenko
This project was developed for the Ukrainian brand the COAT by Katya Silchenko. The women's ready-to-wear brand was founded by Kateryna Silchenko in 2014. The designer draws inspiration from women around, who are strong, passionate, and subtle at the same time.
The Project
The design specifications turned out to be quite peculiar since the space was divided into two areas. The first part was functioning as a showroom, designed by another architectural bureau a few years ago. The other one was a studio. This time, Kateryna's idea was to develop a visual coherence between the two rooms and completely change the interior style.
Our goal was to create an exquisite yet minimalistic space filled with air and light.
Striving to convey the brand's aesthetics, we aimed to create a new and refreshing experience for the visitors. The marble floor and wall covering set a seamless background for the clothes.
The Rosa Aurora stone element has a pink shade to it, as well. Being integrated into the walls and the floor, it highlights the main exposition area.
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