This is not the first time when a glass showcase for clothes appears in our projects. We created this item specifically for our “Nochka” and “Blue Terracotta” projects.

In the “Nochka” project, the thin frames that frame the glass are created from solid oak. In the “Blue Terracotta” project we decided to use painted metal.

Special hidden hinges make possible to make the frame thin and without visible technical details, illumination is possible in the window. It is lightweight and, of course, it is best used for zoning space.

White shirts or your favorite stylish dresses will look great in it. From the color scheme of your wardrobe, the mood of the window will change: it can become bright or monochrome, as you want. Filling shelves and drawers can be varied depending on the wishes and purpose of the display case.

Transparent Showcase

Design: Rina Lovko
Material: glass, solid oak or painted metal.
Year: 2020
Photo: Yevhenii Avramenko​​​​​​​