Location: Kyiv
Type: Residential
Area: 130 m2
Year: 2013
Design: Rina Lovko
Each apartment is a reflection of the owner's habits and emotions. In our work, we take into account expectations, ranging from ergonomics to the smallest details that only the customer will know about. Before turning our hand to the project it is important for us to learn as much as possible about customer's habits, interests, and sometimes the things that would seem to have no relevance to architectural solutions.
For this apartment we used natural materials. The flooring consisted of a wide and long French herringbone parquetry. A Flos chandelier hung from the ceiling. Also mounted there was a full-length floor mirror, tailor-made for the project. An Arne Jacobsen armchair was placed in the bedroom, while that of Naoto Fukasawa found its place in the living room.
An interior that evokes sincere emotions can only be created when professionals and clients work together as a team.
Designed by sashaorlove
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