Location - Kyiv
Type - Commercial
Area - 165 sq.m
Year - 2021
Photo - Yevhenii Avramenko
This dental clinic project is performed in the old center of Kyiv. The building is completely renovated, it has no historical value. All floors and the frame of the structure are made of metal. The ground floor has a 165 sq.m premise plus technical basement and staff quarters.
We completely demolished all the walls on the ground floor and designed offices in accordance with the relevant regularities and technologies. In the courtyard, we dismantled an extension and created an entrance group by designing a flower bed, an access to the clinic and a porch. The adjacent garage, located opposite the clinic windows, has been decorated with atmospheric wood. A combination of materials such as concrete, brick and wood was used throughout the entire entrance group.
The interior leitmotif was the idea of creating non-hospital atmosphere.
We wanted to create the atmosphere of a dental spa-salon, therefore, we used only natural materials such as marble, American oak veneer, and lime plaster on the walls.

Due to a large number of doors, we decided to make them hidden to prevent from the space distortion.
A lot of attention was dedicated to lighting, we used warm, soft light and spotlights to feature and deepen the textures. The offices have specifically designed standalone lighting used prior to treatment with the purpose of creating a relaxing atmosphere.
Designed by sashaorlove
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