Team:Rina Lovko, Kirienko Sasha
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Total area: 110 m2
Implementation: 2021
Photo by Yevhenii Avramenko
The new project of Rina Lovko Studio is an office for the creative team of the Ukrainian headwear Ruslan Baginskiy brand, about which international versions of Vogue, Forbes, Harper's Bazaar, The New York Times, Elle and W Magazine write. In his collections, the milliner Ruslan Baginskiy combines traditional production techniques and progressive views on fashion, and it was important for us to reflect this approach in the interior.
The office is located in the architectural monument of the 19th century, Kyiv's House with lions, next to the brand's showroom. Unfortunately, the original stucco was destroyed during the last reconstruction, however, following the adaptive minimalism principles – the author's style of Rina Lovko – we did our best to introduce the preserved interior elements. Thus, part of the brick wall was left untouched with all its texture flaws as well as the Soviet cast-iron batteries, and the wardrobe of the previous owners was repainted to match the office palette.
The Kyiv office is the second collaboration between Rina Lovko Studio and Ruslan Baginskiy.
The interior provided space for creative chaos, and mostly vintage furniture was used – a 1959 teak table and a chest of drawers found in a market in Denmark., the GDR times green table lamps, armchairs brought from Switzerland upholstered in sky-blue fabric and the 1960s accent lamps by the Dutch GEPO.
Having studied the needs of the Ruslan Baginskiy team, a custom made table for six workplaces with separate light sources was designed. In the same area, there is a wardrobe for samples of fabrics, new products and accessories, as well as a creative director's workplace with shelves for sketches and inspirational decor elements that Ruslan adds to his collection during his travels.
The interior was designed with a focus on functionality and aesthetics.
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Designed by sashaorlove
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