○ Collection of information (brief, measurements, information from the developer about limitations, specifications from the client).
○ Planning decision, zoning.
○ Conceptual-visual solutions, sketches, mood-boards, analogues.
○ Realistic visualizations.
○ A complete package of all necessary working drawings.
○ Technical tasks for contractors.
Design project
The ultimate goal of this stage is to provide the necessary characteristics of all items to create a full working album. This will provide the builders with the necessary information for the further implementation of the project.

Effective communication with builders and contractors along with a completed specification is the main result of the work performed.
The result of the author's supervision is a realized project according to the working album and a satisfied client who got what he wanted.

Here is a small part of what is included in this service:

○ Provide repair and construction contractors with all necessary technical documentation regarding heating, lighting and plumbing fixtures, electrical appliances, and finishing materials that require additional preparation of walls, floors, and ceilings.
○ Make actual changes to the working documentation that arise during the project implementation.
○ Accompany the repair and construction work with regular online consultations. Be in contact with the person responsible for construction and repair work during working hours, and answer questions about the project.
The result is the handover of the implemented object under the approved design project within the set deadline if the customer's obligations have been fulfilled. Sometimes the result includes a final photo shoot.

Here is a small part of what is included in this service:

○ Deal support: communication with contractors and suppliers, verification of articles, finishes, sizes, etc. Preparation of documents with contractors, and payment tracking.
○ Coordinate with the client product samples in the process of implementation. The designer meets with all contractors and suppliers and goes to production to control the quality of the manufactured products.
○ To organize the delivery of items to the object, to control the document flow from the acceptance of the items, to be present at the acceptance of the items in individual cases.
Project management
This is a selection of:

○ additional lighting devices (floor lamps, sconces, table lamps, etc.).
○ installation elements (doors, handles, locks, hinges, switches, sockets, blinds, shutters).
○ cutlery and crockery.
○ decor (pictures, photos, frames, vases, clocks, mirrors, poufs, tables, etc.).
○ plants and pots. (together with the florist).
○ textiles and decorations (carpets, curtains, curtains, furniture upholstery, bed linen, tablecloths, towels, blankets, etc.).
○ small interior items
Additional help with solving specific issues during implementation.

If you have the desire to update the carpet/sofa (for example) after the implementation of the project or make other changes to the space - you can contact us and we will advise you.
Service after repair
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