Rina Lovko Design Studio was founded in 2008. We work in the fields of industrial design, residential architecture, commercial interiors, photography and art direction.
Rina Lovko Design Studio is an international interior design practice founded in 2008 in Kyiv. The team's portfolio includes dozens of interior projects of various typologies, areas, and levels of complexity, from small showrooms and residential spaces to large commercial, office and public spaces, HoReCa facilities, and healthcare facilities.

The trademark of the bespoke design studio is interiors in the style of elegant minimalism, which combine conciseness, natural harmony, and functionality. The main point of control is exceptional attention to detail.

Each project we work on is born from the synergy of the architect's competencies, the client's individuality, and the space itself. All Rina Lovko Studio project's are created exclusively by prior order to give future owners a unique experience and a better quality of life.
ArtSpace 2019 - Nochka - Interior of the apartment in a modern style - Winner.

Interior of the year 2021 - Dicentra - Interior of commercial premises and HoReCa facilities - Winner.

ArtSpace 2021 - Blue Terracotta - The best interior of an apartment in a modern style from 60 square meters - 2st place

Interior of the year 2021 - Blue Terracotta - Modern-style apartment interior 100-150 m2 - Winner.
Rina Lovko is an architect and designer with more than a 15 years of working experience and a mastermind behind her eponymous studio. The constant inspiration for the architect lays in the aesthetics of minimalism, forms, and color palettes provided by nature.

Rina Lovko believes – the powerful method of creative interpretation is an exclusive attention to details, quality, and characteristics of materials. It is the key to creating harmonious and functional spaces in which the simplicity and complexity of elements are balanced.
Lead Architect & Owner
Rina Lovko
Daryna Shpuryk is the top-designer in our studio. With a functional and minimalist approach, she creates full projects with real 3D images, drawings, and sketches.

"I think art and design come very close at many points, sometimes in a blurry way. Artists and designers have different approaches to arriving at similar results. As designers, we are trying to answer questions and resolve problems, sometimes in a very vague way whereas an artist is more concerned with posing questions. We approach the work from opposite angles.
Daryna Shpuryk
Sergey is responsible for the Building department of Rina Lovko Design Studio, with a passion to solve problems and create the structure for every project. With a focus on details, quality, and materials he has worked on a range of projects from small and intimate to large and public.
Head of building department
Sergiy Suhov
Oleksandr believes that design is always a dialogue. Each project is unique, responsive to the space conditions, and inspired by our client's individuality.

"There are elements that are part of an existing aesthetic that determines the kind of style I have to pick up on, yet it is important when working to add unique features that make a space different from any other. At the same time - the main goal for me is to design without too much ostentation within any type of environment that already has a strong identity."
Oleksandr Maruzhenko
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