Rina Lovko is an architect and designer with more than a decade of working experience and a mastermind behind her eponymous Kyiv-based studio. Rina Lovko Studio specializes in the bespoke residential interior design and is known for incorporating flowing lines and transmitting the uniqueness of nature in their projects.

Trees, mountains, music, human being – everything has its own sound frequency and character. This uniqueness is kept as the core line in the studio’s projects. Following her ideals, the architect works only with natural sustainable materials, refusing any kind of imitation.

All her knowledge, thoughts and feelings Rina conveys to her work, aiming to provide her clients not only with a new quality of life but with new experiences.

Rina Lovko believes – each person and place dictate the conditions, and the architect, as a medium must be able to read them. Only such an approach will give the desired result. All of this helps Rina Lovko Studio to create a unique world, where an architect and a client are sharing love to aesthetics and harmony.