Location: Kyiv
Type: Сommercial
Area: 160 m2
Year: 2019
Design: Rina Lovko Design Studio
Photo: Yevhenii Avramenko
The building of the Bessarabian market (a.k.a. Bessarabka) is a monument of architecture. It is under the protection of UNESCO, that is, no changes can be made. Any architectural decision should be coordinated with the administration of the building and with the city – this paperwork remains time. Therefore, the reconstruction of the premises lasted a year and a half.
"Balthazar" - is a wine bar in the basement of the Bessarabian market. Seventy seats are available, as well as a contact bar.

We easily found a mutual language with the art director of Balthazar and reached an understanding of the audience. This made it possible to quickly outline the concept, to understand what kind of institution it would be and start the building process.
The main color spectrum, warm bottle-green and olive colors, was selected for brick and wood.
The light concept was to achieve a warm basement twilight by virtue of yellow artificial light and real candles. The lightning is unique: there was not a single lamp purchased, each was individually made to order from Vasily Grublyak.

The common table and the bar table top are made of wood from old wine barrels. The steps of the entrance staircase are made of the same tree. Restored armchairs and sofas in low seating area - was made according to our own design.
From the very beginning, we were faced with a limited height of arches – 1.6 meters. And this is still without work with the floor, so we decided to dig the Bessarabka down. For several months, working only at night, we took out half a meter of sand and related materials from there. As a result, they reached a height of arches of 1.8 meters, and ceilings – up to three meters.
The front door is made of metal. It is new, but specially aged, covered with artificial rust. The sign above the door is a triangle with highlight and bar naming (also the work of Vasily Grublyak, according to our sketches). Due to its triangular shape, it is visible from both sides of the market premises.
Designed by sashaorlove
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