Location: Kyiv
Type: Residential
Area: 78 m2
Year: 2018
Design: Rina Lovko
Photo: Lesha Yanchenkov
Rina Lovko Design Studio brings Japanese minimalism to the typical apartment block in Kyiv. Ukrainian architect Rina Lovko presents a new project 'Nochka' – an apartment of 78 square meters flooded with daylight in a typical building complex in Kyiv.
Limited by a small area, this project involved complex calculations, unusual planning methods in order to maximize the use of space without loading it with unnecessary drawers and dust collectors. Seemingly spacious, this small apartment for a single man features a storage room for inventory, a laundry unit with a drying machine, filters for drinking water, and all the necessary equipment for a comfortable life.
Initially, the dwelling was full of unnecessary doors, dark corners and was divided by a heavy wall in the middle. The architect decided to demolish all the walls and to reassemble the new place from scratch, with no ties to the initial plan offered by the developer.

In the end, only two doors remained in the whole apartment – in the toilet and at the entrance, leaving no dark corners in the space.
To expand the space visually the architect used a lot of mirrors in the apartment. For instance, in the L-shaped corridor, a mirror corner reflects the wardrobe and makes the space seem square.

Considering the low ceiling in the building, the biggest challenge was to plan a ventilation system. But lowering the ceiling only in the dressing room solved the issue.
The project features only natural materials.
The Bathroom
Since the client decided to have the bathroom and the toilet separately, the architect developed the bathroom space with a particular attention. As a result, the bathtub located by the window is soaked in daylight, which is quite unusual for a typical apartment plan in Kyiv.

The shower zone is facing the window, so every morning the client can enjoy the city view while starting the day.
Designed by sashaorlove
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